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One of the first topics children love to talk about is animals and it’s a fun topic to practice speech and language therapy with.

Can we get a dog?

Here are just a few fun activities you can do with your kids.

  1. Layout several pictures of animals and have your child point at the animal you name.
  2. Show your child photos of animals and have them make the appropriate animal noises.
  3. Have the child put animals into different categories. (Like barnyard vs wild or jungles vs plains).
  4. Explain why they should get a specific pet and the benefits of said animal. (The more outrageous the animal, the better).
  5. Get a unique photo of an animal and tell a story about the animal’s life.
  6. Have them draw and create the perfect animal. Have them explain the different parts of the animal and why it’s perfect.

You can adapt these activities to whatever your child’s speech and language needs may be.

Things to Make You say Awwww

It’s very easy to find cute pictures of animals on the web, but here are a few sites that have incredibly adorable animals.

National Geographic Animals

A-Z Animals


These exercises are great for helping children with issues ranging from articulation disorders to receptive and expressive language disorders.

To learn more activities to help your child’s speech and language development, feel free to contact us anytime.

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