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If you experience hoarseness, vocal fatigue, difficulty swallowing, or other voice and swallowing issues, your doctor may recommend videostroboscopy to evaluate the cause. Videostroboscopy is the most advanced and commonly used method for visualizing and analyzing vocal fold vibration.

What Happens During Videostroboscopy?
Videostroboscopy uses a flexible endoscope passed through the nose or mouth, along with a specialized strobe light and microphone. The strobe light is synced with your vocal folds’ vibration, allowing the endoscope’s camera to capture the movements in “slow motion.”

This slow-motion video of your vocal folds lets the speech pathologist examine characteristics like:

  • Amplitude of vocal fold opening
  • Symmetry of left and right vocal folds
  • Mucosal wave pattern
  • Closure and regularity of vibration

By analyzing these factors, they can detect abnormalities in vocal fold structure, movement patterns, and vibration that may indicate voice disorders or other conditions.

When is Videostroboscopy Needed?
Videostroboscopy evaluations are recommended for patients experiencing symptoms like:

  • Hoarseness or raspiness
  • Vocal fatigue or pain
  • Pitch/range issues
  • Persistent coughing/throat clearing
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

It allows precise diagnosis of conditions such as:

  • Vocal fold lesions or masses
  • Muscle tensions dysphonias
  • Vocal fold paralysis/paresis
  • Neurological voice disorders
  • Vocal fold scarring or inflammation

Videostroboscopy also has an important role in oncological surveillance, as changes in the vocal fold wave can indicate premalignant or malignant lesions.

In addition, it is invaluable for pre/post-operative assessment, documenting therapy effectiveness, and monitoring progressive or chronic voice disorders.

Let Boise Speech & Hearing Clinic Help
If you are experiencing any concerning voice, swallowing or airway symptoms, the experienced team at Boise Speech & Hearing can evaluate you with advanced videostroboscopy. Early and accurate diagnosis is key to providing effective treatment. Our new Voice and Swallowing Specialist Matthew K. Frank, MS, CCC-SLP offers expertise in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment approaches!

Don’t wait – schedule your voice evaluation today by calling (208) 793-7006 or visiting boiseshc.com.

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