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Speech Therapy Services to Meet your Individual Needs

Attending Speech Therapy for Years and Not Seeing the Results Can Leave you Frustrated

Speech therapy with a general therapist can cause you to not progress because they may be missing important underlying issues that affect your overall speech. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic’s therapists are trained in a variety of specialties to find the root of the problem and finally get you the results you have always wanted.

Take A Peak at Some of Our Services


General Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate is a basic human necessity, which makes you worry about how it will affect you or your child’s future success. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic offers speech therapy focused on helping with articulation, comprehension, expressive language and more to help you identify the root cause of the problem, then give you measurable solutions to finally get the results you have been longing for.
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Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Many people with severe speech or language issues rely on AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) to replace or supplement traditional speech. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic can identify and help with whatever AAC is best for your individual situation giving our patients a voice.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many children who have been diagnosed with Autism struggle to make and maintain lasting relationships. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic provides therapeutic social groups that are supervised by trained Speech Therapists who specialize in ASD treatment to help your child develop and sustain relationships with those around them.
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Tongue Thrust

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Many people unknowingly suffer from incorrect tongue placement which can sabotage mouth health by causing a high arched palate, crowding of the teeth, and crooked teeth. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic is specifically trained and certified to diagnose and properly treat incorrect tongue posture, improving the overall health of the mouth and quality of life. Read more to learn more about Tongue Thrust
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Thumb Sucking Program

Thumb and finger sucking in younger children is a natural coping mechanism, but it can become a harmful habit as children mature. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic offers a Thumbsucking program that has a 100% success rate at helping children quit thumb and finger sucking leaving both parents and kids alike smiling from ear to ear.
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MPI-2 Stuttering

Stuttering/ Fluency

Many people who stutter have had some success in therapy, but are frustrated by their continued stuttering. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic is one in just a few clinics in the United States to use the MPI-2, intensive stuttering treatment, that will drastically improve your stuttering in just a few weeks.
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Accent Modification

Many international business executives struggle with confidently communicating at work, in the community, and in one’s personal life. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic works with you to increase your ability to confidently communicate in any setting and be understood.
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FEES Swallowing Test & Swallowing Therapy

Many people struggle with properly swallowing as a result of a variety of causes. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic provides diagnosis through the FEES Swallowing Test and treatment to help strengthen muscles to increase your ability to successfully swallow and be independent.
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Aphasia & Cognitive Therapy

Many people suffer from trauma that effects their ability to communicate with others effectively. We provide therapy and support to finally give you the words you have been seeking.
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Low Vision Therapy

Low vision impedes many from being able to read, see the TV, or even recognize faces. Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic provides low vision techniques from an Occupational Therapist certified in Low Vision which can dramatically improve many of life’s daily activities.
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