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If your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for speech and language services through their school district, you may wonder if private speech therapy is necessary or can supplement those services. At Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic, we work closely with families to provide private speech therapy services that align with and support a child’s IEP goals.

Tailored One-on-One AttentionWhile school speech therapists do an amazing job, they often have very large caseloads and limited time with each student. At our private practice, your child receives individualized attention during each session focused solely on their specific needs and goals. Our speech-language pathologists can tailor therapy activities and pacing for your child’s learning style.

Specialized ExpertiseThe speech therapists at Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic have extensive training and clinical experience working with a wide range of speech/language disorders and needs. We have particular expertise in areas like articulation, stuttering, auditory processing, autism spectrum disorders, and language delays. We can provide highly specialized therapy customized for your child.

Consistent Scheduling School
Speech services may only be provided a couple times per week or per month due to therapist caseload limits. At our clinic, we can provide much more frequent and consistent therapy sessions, which can help accelerate progress for many children. We offer flexible scheduling year-round without long breaks.

Collaboration with Schools
We don’t replace a child’s school-based services, but enhance them. Our therapists will coordinate and share updates with your child’s school speech therapist to ensure consistency across settings. We reinforce the goals and strategies from their IEP while providing supplemental, individualized attention.

Progress Monitoring
At each session, we carefully track your child’s progress through data collection, reports, and samples of their speech/language skills. This allows us to identify if adjustments are needed and keeps you informed every step of the way about your child’s growth.

If you feel your child could benefit from more focused, individualized speech therapy in addition to their IEP services, the team at Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic is here to help. We can seamlessly integrate our private therapy into your child’s overall program for the best possible outcomes. Contact us today to learn more at (208) 793-7006!

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