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I don’t know about what it’s like at your house, but the end of the year is filled with concerts, dance recitals, championship games, testing, and kids that just seem to be done. They are done with structure and long days. They are done with tests and school assignments. And they are most definitely done with staying indoors all day. I notice fuses seem a little shorter as kids are a little more stressed because the pressure is on and in reality, they just want to be running around in the sprinklers and riding bikes. While we try to all survive these last few weeks of school, it may be time to pull out some extra strategies for keeping us and the kids relaxed.


Take a Breath

There are many kinds of breathing techniques that can help to relax and bring focus. Most don’t take very long and they are beneficial no matter the age. The great part about breathing techniques is that they can be done anywhere. Some different types of breathing techniques are muscle relaxation and visualization. Muscle relaxation is where you relax each part of your body usually starting with your toes and working your way up. Whereas, visualization is about visualizing a place you find peaceful or enjoyable. Both techniques are done by sitting in a relatively quiet place and closing your eyes. We have included more information about these techniques and others below this article.


Take a Walk

Another great stress reliever is walking. There is something about spending some time in nature that can help to alleviate stress. We are not talking about a two-hour walk even if you only have five minutes in between running around, then jump out of the car with the kids and walk for those five minutes. Just being in the sun and talking for even five minutes is sure to recharge your family.


Sing Out Loud

Sometimes there is not even five minutes in-between activities. You might be rushing from one activity to another with no downtime. So during those times, a little music will do the trick. Okay, really I am talking about turning up the jams and singing as loud as you can. Having fun has been shown to reduce stress. The Mayo Clinic says, “A rollicking laugh fires up and then cools down your stress response, and it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.1 “So pump up the volume2” and maybe “wave your hands in the air like you don’t care,”3 your kids will love it and they will show up to their next activity giggling.


Cut Back Where You Can

This may be more of a note to parents on behalf of kids. Maybe push back that doctor appointment for a few weeks, order your groceries online, and cut out any extra absolutely unnecessary activities. Your kids will thank you for it or at least maybe that meltdown will be avoided, which as we all know is as good as a thank you.

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