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Your Tongue Could be Causing Many of your Health Problems

Incorrect Tongue Placement Could be Stripping Away your Health

Many people unknowingly suffer from incorrect tongue placement which can sabotage their health by…


Sleep Apnea


High-Arched Palate


Crowding and/ or Crooked Teeth


Years of Orthodontic Care


Back and Neck Tension




Swallowing/ Choking


Fascial Development


Attention Issues

Three Steps to Start Changing Your Life


Get Answers

Get answers and relief for your symptoms with a comprehensive assessment and plan.

Goal-Oriented Therapy

Therapy is weekly for 10 lessons with a few follow-up check-ups to ensure progression.

Feel Healthy

By finally resolving issues you have struggled with, you will feel healthier than ever.

Ready to See Changes?

See The Results…

54 year old dental hygienist who was a self-referral after hearing Rian Chatterton present on Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders. Referred because of jaw and neck tightness causing migraines and severe jaw pain. She had previously been seen by a chiropractor, massage therapist and physical therapist without results. After completing the tongue thrust therapy program, she reports all her neck and jaw pain is gone and has not returned.

Three Steps to Get Started

Step one

Schedule your Free Consultation

Step Two

Attend Weekly Therapy

Step Three

Confidently Communicate

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