Thumb Sucking Program

Thumb and finger sucking is a natural coping method for babies and children. Individuals commonly suck when they are stressed, bored, or needing oral input. For younger children, thumb sucking is useful and natural. As a child grows older, this habit becomes harmful. It can have negative effects, especially damaging their mouth and teeth alignment.

At Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic, we have a program for children to quit thumb and finger sucking that has a 100% success rate. With the help of one of our trained Orofacial Myologists and using positive behavioral techniques, you can help your child overcome this habit.

How It Works

Our 30 day program starts with a one hour initial evaluation with one of our trained Orofacial Myologist. After that, we’ll give you the tools and techniques for the next 30 days to eliminate the sucking habit. After that, we’ll have you and your child come in for a 30 minute follow up evaluation. The entire program costs $200 dollars, and some insurances will cover the costs.

To schedule your initial evaluation, fill out the form below or give us a call. Together, we can eliminate your child’s thumb and finger sucking habit.

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