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DIY Games

What could be better than a craft that becomes a game afterwards? The craft is definitely would probably be best for older kids or a great mommy and me project.

Ladybugs vs. Tadpoles Tic Tac Toe

Balloon Cup Shooters

Marble Maze

DIY Funny Face Flip Book

Side note: A easier version of this would be to take a small spiral notebook (check the Dollar Store) and cut the pages inside into three sections.


Science and Crafts and Food, Oh My

This could be the perfect trifecta. You can never go wrong with a craft that teaches you about science and rewards you with candy afterwards.

Rock Candy Experiment

Ice Cream in a Bag

Edible Slime


Garden Projects

There is something so magical about a Fairy Garden. Even as an adult, my imagination goes a little wild with the thought of tiny décor or miniature homes. I have looked for a couple of relatively easy and different Fairy Crafts.

DIY Fairy Lantern

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Example 2

Fairy Gardens for Boys



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