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Fall has officially begun! It’s time to hang your festive fall wreath and bake anything and everything pumpkin. Fall is such a fun time of year as you watch the outside world transition and invite winter in. With the onset of Fall means Halloween and soon after Thanksgiving. The weather can be temperamental and activities start to shift indoors. Kids can struggle with how to fill their time. This helpful resource will keep kids amused for hours.

  1. Bake Anything and Everything Pumpkin (We love pumpkin cookies, bread, muffins!)
  2. Make Cards for the Elderly
  3. Crafts! (This literally has a ton of craft ideas)
  4. Visit a Corn Maze
  5. Rake and Play in the Leaves
  6. Take up a New Hobby (learn a new language or to knit)
  7. Go to a Haunted House
  8. Go to a Football Game
  9. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt, searching specifically for Fall
  10. Paint Rocks
  11. Carve Pumpkins
  12. Scary Movie Marathon (We like Goosebumps)
  13. Go on a Hayride
  14. Pick Apples
  15. Make Applesauce or Apple Pie filling
  16. Collect leaves
  17. Drink Apple Cider or Cocoa
  18. Make Fall Slime
  19. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
  20. Read Books about Fall
  21. Make Cinnamon Playdough 
  22. Do an I Spy Autumn Printables
  23. Toast Pumpkin Seeds
  24. Have a Bonfire
  25. Have a Spa Night

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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