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The following information in intended to be used as a guideline to help you understand the typical development of speech as children age. These are not hard and fast rules, but rather general indicators of things to look for. If you feel your child’s speech is not developing well, please contact us for an evaluation.

By 12 Months of Age

  • Does not use a variety of vowel and consonant sounds during vocalization

  • Does not babble

  • No turn taking or sound imitation

  • Does not request items by using a gesture & sound

  • Does not follow simple directions with gestures

  • No attempts to make words

By 2 Years of Age

  • Less than 50 words vocabulary

  • Using unintelligible speech

  • Does not follow 2-step directions

  • Does not understand approximately 200-300 words

  • Does not use two-word phrases consistently

By 4 Years of Age

  • Does not use the following sounds: S, Z, SH, CH, L, R

  • Does not maintain a conversation

  • Does not use 4-5 word sentences

By 18 Months of Age

  • Less than 10 words of vocabulary

  • Does not follow most directions

  • Does not maintain eye contact during interactions

  • Does not initiate verbal interactions

  • Does not show an interest in looking at books

  • Does not use the following sounds: B, P, M, N, T, D, K, G

By 3 Years of Age

  • Not using approximately 80% intelligible speech

  • Less than 50 words vocabulary

  • Does not understand approximately 900 words

  • Does not use 3-4 word sentences

  • Does not answer simple questions

  • Does not ask simple questions

  • Does not use the following sounds: F, V

  • Repeats the first sounds of words (i.e. b-b-ball)

By 5 Years of Age

  • Not using most consonant sounds correctly and accurately

  • Does not use 5-8 word sentences

  • ​Does not tell a story

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