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4th of July is over and we all know summer can get expensive. Not every fun activity needs to cost money or even mean you have to leave the house. Here is a list of 25 activities you can do with your kids that will make them think you are the coolest parent in town.

Build a Fort
Tell Stories
Learn How to Jump rope or Double Dutch
Play Board Games
Bake Cookies
Draw with Chalk
Run in the Sprinklers
Write and perform a Play
Have an Art Show
Play Four Square or Kickball
Scavenger Hunt
Walk the Dog
Teach the Dog a New Trick
Do a Science Experiment
Listen to Audio Books
Learn a New Skill
Have a Fashion Show
Host a Cooking Competition
Create a New Hairdo
Play Horse with Basketball
Make a Craft
Build a City for your Cars/Figurines
Ride or learn a trick on your Bike
Have a Lego Creation show
Rollerskate or Rollerblade

Other Free Activities around Town
Go on a Bike Ride
Go on a Nature Hike
Go to the Library
Check out a New Park
Go to the Dollar Store
Go Thrift Store Shopping
Go to a Beach or Lake

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